Your Guide to a Successful Job Search

If you're just starting out, or if $10- or $20,000 or more a year is something you could put to use, here are six steps to a successful and satisfying outcome:

  1. Assess all your skills and those you might want to develop
  2. I created this printable Skills Assessment form for you to weigh your talents and skills. To land your dream job you must first know where and how you'd best fit in.

  3. Prepare your résumé
  4. If the job you're seeking requires a résumé, it's important that you develop a document that briefly and powerfully portrays your work history. Trends in résumé writing are changing rapidly with technology. Use the resources below to figure out your best approach and then take the time to put together a document you can be proud of. Here are a few sources for ideas:

  5. Perform your job search
  6. This is where technology is changing the fastest, both for employers and those searching for employment. Now that you've done your skills assessment and have your résumé in hand, here are a few places to look to see what's out there:

  7. Write your cover letter
  8. This is where you sharpen the tip of the spear. You've identified your strong points in your résumé and you've found an employer you want to impress. The purpose of your cover letter is to make a strong connection between what the employer needs and what you offer them.

    The letter that covers your résumé should be very narrowly targeted to the job you've identified.

  9. Ace the job interview
  10. Everything you've done to this point has been to get you in the door (or on the phone, or on Skype). This is your time to shine.

    First read my Tip Sheet on interview dos and don'ts. Then check out the following tips on making the best impression.

  11. And... the follow-up
  12. As soon as you get home, email a thank-you note to the interviewer expressing your appreciation for the opportunity to do great things with and for their company. Affirm any next steps you've agreed to. This will solidify all the positives of that first impression the interviewer has of you.