The Path

... from surviving to thriving.

The Path—located at present on my personal website—has two principal resources...

I encourage you to use these two pages to help you find what you're looking for. (And please see the Note below.)

Some of the links in the Directory and the Library are bolded with an asterisk (*). Those are links to pages in my personal website, which I created for family and friends. If you're reading this you're a friend. Feel free to explore.

If you're interested in a little bit about who I am and how this came about...

Years ago I created a website to give my grandchildren and great grandchildren a sense of who I was and what I experienced when I was their age.  The site ( features a Resources menu that includes a bit of my personal philosophy and interests as well as sources of helpful information for them.  I invite you to use any of it that can be of service.

For decades I've volunteered to improve the prospects of what I experienced as distressed populations: at-risk teens, abused and neglected children, the elderly and infirm and, most recently, I've been mentoring prison inmates one-on-one in preparation for their release from a medium security prison here in Oregon.

Typically, the work involves helping inmates plan for and secure a place to live, a job, affordable transportation, healthcare, etc.  COVID-19 has added some complications to the usual challenges of their being forced to land in strange and unforgiving territory.

At this writing I'm in my mid-70s and clear-eyed about my mortality.  Recently Josh—a prisoner who's aware of the work I've done for his fellow inmates both before and after their release—said to me, "I have eight years left to my sentence.  You may not be around when I'm ready to be released.  I'm asking that everything you've done for those other men you make available to me."

This website is my response to Josh's request.  I'm clearing a path for him to follow when his release arrives whether I'm here or not.  But The Path is not for Josh alone nor for inmates alone; it's for a whole universe of people needing to survive in this society who might have limited resources. People like:

It's my hope that you find something here that works for you.  I'm wishing for everyone who's on their life's path a safe, happy and satisfying journey!

Note: This is a rapidly evolving project.  Please keep refreshing the pages because I'm continually being referred to new, useful resources.

Some links come and go due to pandemic and economic circumstances. If you find that a link on the following pages no longer works, please let me know by emailing me at And if you know of a resource that would be helpful here, please let me know that too.

Thank you.