This Is Your Legacy

Now that I've been getting on in years, I decided to create a little bit of me that I can leave behind for you, my grandchildren and great grandchildren:


My reason for doing this on a website is that you may find value in it today, or tomorrow, or even well after I'm gone.  Whenever you can use it, and whatever for, it'll be here for you and anyone else who knows about it.

Of my few regrets in life, one of the greatest is not having known my grandfathers. When they were alive I simply lacked the wisdom to ask them the right questions. I'm sure their answers would have enriched my life profoundly.

I'm betting there'll be a time decades from now, after I'm gone, when you might just have a question of me, maybe about my personal philosophy, or why I preferred to listen to fine music, or an old recipe. You may just find what you're looking for here.

There are two main menus...

My Stuff, mostly original, including accounts of some of my early experiences when I was your age, experiences that helped form my world view, as well as glimpses into our family history that brought you to this moment.

Resources—with links to a universe of outside authorities.  My intent here is to create a 'Swiss Army knife' of useful, and in some cases vital, knowledge you can access on any Web device.   It's yours whenever you need it.

You guys know me, I tend to take on big projects.  This time it's creating a resource for what I consider distressed populations—refugees, immigrants, released prisoners, emancipated youth, etc.—a site that I'm calling "The Path".  Long term my goal is to create a universal mobile application to be readily available to anyone in need or who wants to be of service.  I've made a sketch of the idea, and Payton has developed a working proof of the concept. I thank you, P, for all your work making The Path real.  I invite you all to join me in refining, managing and expanding this vital knowledgebase.

Come back soon and refresh pages often—this website is a work in progress.  I invite you to explore all the nooks and crannies of this site, and I'd love to receive your comments and suggestions.

With love,

PS: Many of the images in the headers—all the beautiful, natural ones such as Crater Lake above—are of places in Oregon.  I love this state.