Charts & Graphs for Visual Learners

US Healthcare: Some people say our healthcare is the best in the world. Is healthcare in the United States cheaper than in the rest of the world? Does it help us live longer? Are we healthier? You tell me. Check out Japan—monthly visits for everyone at a third our annual cost, and they live how much longer?

Job Creation: Which presidents have been "job creators"? Since Carter, Republican presidents have been in office a total of 20 years, Democrats 16 years. So in their time in office the Republicans have created far more private sector jobs because they're so much more business-friendly.   Right?   Yeah... right.

Income Growth by US Economic Class: If you're as old as I am, you suspect that buying power is not what it used to be. Here's a chart showing 35 years of income growth from 1946-1980 (black line) compared to 35 years from 1980-2014. Minimum wage earners suffer, the 1% are now raking it in. The more you got the more you get.

Stock Market Performance by President: Stock markets don't always mirror the economy, but they do indicate how the smart money feels about how a president is managing it. Here's an interactive chart of market history under each president since Harding. Toggle on any president's name to see market performance on his watch.

Costs of Living: What's your Cost of Living? Well, that depends on your stage of life. If you've got a decent job and are looking for a new car, say, costs are pretty much what they've been for years. Are you elderly? Then you know how expensive health care is. Are you a college student? Uhhh.... sorry.

Education Employment: There's a high correlation between level of education and employability. Politicians promise a job for everyone willing to work, but what can they do for the millions at the bottom of this chart? Public—not private—education is key unless the goal is to burden our labor force with lifelong debt.

Wealth Distribution: They say having a billionaire "run the country like a business" is gonna be good for us. Where are you on the social ladder? If you're "middle class"—as if that's even a thing anymore—you will have so much less wealth than you think. Check out this video, then try to declare that wealth redistribution is evil. I dare you.

Tax Cuts: If the Trump administration has your best interests at heart, I envy you. You have annual income in excess of $170,000. What's that you say? That's not even close? Well then, are you ever in for a surprise. Only the top 5% will be getting a tax cut, and your taxes will be raised to support them. It's a brave new world, taxpayers!

The National Debt: Politicians of a certain party are always going on about the national debt, and how they pledge to reduce it. Really. Look at the red lines on this graph—that's what Reagan and the Bushes did to the debt. We'd be $14 trillion better off if they had balanced their budgets the way Clinton did. Yay "conservatives"!

Military Spending: Politicians play on our fear that our military is weak and that our enemies are gaining on us. They pledge to increase spending to strengthen our military to be able to take on a "threat" like Russia. Here's a chart from a conservative think tank. Check out where Russia is in the stack on the left side.

Money in Politics: Freedom Partners, Concerned Women for America, Americans for Prosperity, Public Engagement Group. All sound pretty patriotic, huh? Do you have $100 million to get a politician's attention for your pet concern? No? Well, they do. 'They' being Charles and David Koch. It's all their money funneled to their favorite politicians.

Follow the Dark Money: This is a fascinating interactive map of dark money. Check out the Conservative and Liberal universes, and 501(c)(4)s—those Supreme Court-created black holes supposedly operated "exclusively to promote social welfare". The more you know, the more you recognize the need for us to fight for change to this system.

Nonsense In Charts and Graphs: In doing research for the content of this page, I've run into some ridiculously misleading charts. (FOX 'News' commits errors too regularly for it to be unintentional.) StatisticsHowTo put out this video to show some of the most common falacies. Incidentally, theirs is a great place to learn statistics.